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We will estimate the market value of your property and together will establish the strategy to use to maximise the selling price.

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Presentation is key! We will make sure your property is ready to hit the market with staging, professional HDR pictures, virtual visits, floor plans and perfect description.

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We use innovative strategies to attract buyers and try to create multiple offer situations for your property. We use more than 25 websites, a database of over 70,000 contacts, signage, texting, social media, open houses and constant buyer prospecting.

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We never refuse visit requests from a potential buyer. In addition, members of our group know the market, inventory and strengths of neighborhoods to sell the benefits and highlights of your property.

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Negotiating the best price is our main goal! We sell on average at 98.3% of the asking price. We will use our experience and will be strategic when negotiating to sell at the highest price.

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From preparing to put on the market, marketing to buyers, visits, negotiation, to the act of sale at the notary, we will guide you through the process from beginning to end. We will even have at your disposal a list of professionals (surveyors, notaries, inspectors etc ...) to make everything as efficient as possible.














Virtual Tours, 360 Degrees and Videos

Technology is pushing back boundaries and virtual tours now allow you to visit properties without leaving your home. The Cheff-Lanctot Group ensures that it is on the cutting edge of technology to better serve their customers. Having access to an international clientele with the largest real estate broker network in the world (Keller Williams) we can use virtual tours to increase exposure and interest in the properties we have for sale. By using virtual tours coupled with videos, we answer to all buyer needs and expectations. The Cheff-Lanctot Group applies these technologies to all the properties it has for sale.

Professional Photography and Floor Plans

Almost 100% of buyers view properties via the Internet before traveling to visit physically. The quality of the photos used plays a crucial role in marketing and selling a property. That's why all the properties offered for sale by the Cheff-Lanctot Group are taken with professional equipment of the highest quality. The presentation is key!

Intensive Advertising

For more than thirteen years we have been improving our systems and studying the results of our marketing efforts in order to always generate more and more buyers for our sellers. We offer a level of marketing that few organizations or brokers can match. We use more than 25 web platforms, we own more than 90 domain names, we have 6 websites, more than 25 landing pages, we host first-time buyer seminars, investor seminars, annual events and more. Our goal is making sure we are the best brokers to sell quickly and at the highest price. The more buyers we attract the more chances we have of achieving this goal.

Social media

For the majority of people, social media is now an integral part of everyday life. It has become one of the most important sources for finding serious customers. People do not necessarily use social media to buy properties, but we know that property buyers are on social media.
We have a captive audience of more than 6,000 people following us on our social media platforms. In addition to having thousands of loyal "friends" we display advertisements, messages, offers and announcements that affect an average of more than 8000 people per week! Our social media strategies allow us to find hundreds of buyers and investors every month!

Our Database

Our database is our biggest competitive advantage and asset. This is our secret weapon! Our database has more than 70,000 contacts! We add an average of 2000 contacts per month. We are proud to have accumulated since 2003, the information and coordinates of our business relations. The contacts of our database are segmented into long-term tenants, short-term tenants, buyers, landlords of furnished properties, condo investors, building investors, flippers, by area, by budget etc ... The automated creation and segmentation of our database position us as one of the few real estate broker organizations in North America to have mastered this aspect of the business. Our communications and targeted mailings to our database has become one of the key success factors for bringing buyers and investors to the properties we have for sale.

Constant Prospecting

Prospecting buyers and investors is at the heart of our day-to-day activities. We are not the type of brokers to wait for buyers or investors to call us, we are constantly doing sales activities (calling, door to door, mailing, e-mailing and others) in order to search and find buyers for our properties for sale. The level of weekly prospecting expected by the members of our broker group is in the highest standards of our industry. Brokers in our group have to talk real estate and survey with more than 100 people a week in order to have the privilege to be part of the organization. The effort and human determination coupled with state-of-the-art technological tools make our organization masters of the follow-up and the prospection of buyers.

Market Reports and Feedback

We use recent market statistics and accumulated data to keep you abreast of trends or changes that may affect the sale strategy of your property. We keep a constant eye on new properties added to the market, new sales, properties that expire (have not sold) in order to ensure we have the right strategy to sell the properties we have for sale . Our sales support team is responsible for accumulating the feedback from people who have visited properties we have for sale. We give weekly reports to all our sellers in order to inform them about the activities generated for their property (number of visits via the various advertisements, comments and feedback of visits etc ...). This information allows us to confirm the competitiveness of the properties we have for sale and to ensure that we achieve the goals of our sellers.

Neighbourhood Experts

Knowing the market is key to marketing and selling properties in the various geographic areas. We have accumulated over 13 years of experience and knowledge about all important sectors of Greater Montreal, Laval and the South Shore of Montreal. Not only do we use our knowledge and resources, we work with the best brokers in Greater Montreal. Regardless of the neighborhood, we strive to reach and communicate with key collaborating brokers who may be able to help us achieve our goals of selling our clients' properties.

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Our mission is to build quality careers, businesses and lives. We provide our brokers with the tools, training, and resources to succeed in today’s real estate market.

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